My Adidas

My Adidas

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I love all things Adidas. No, I’m not ashamed to admit it.  Yes, I am a 40 year old woman, living in suburbia, and I love my Adidas.  Always have, always will.  But since I am that 40 year old woman, living in a very conservative area, I’m starting to border on a bit silly and a bit too old.  These days, I tend to keep the Adidas to a minimum, hence the all white high top trainers.  I find that they surprisingly go with many things to get me running around town with the kids.  Paired with skinny jeans is my favorite look.  Throw on an oversized tee, and a bomber jacket, and you look incredibly stylish.  But I also like them with denim shorts and even leggings.  And because I can no longer wear as much Adidas as I’d like, I have passed on my love to my children.  We all have a pair of high top Adidas trainers.  And my boys, with their passion for soccer, have many pairs of the cool Adidas soccer pants.  I love the coupling of the high tops and the skinny leg.  It ends up looking really stylish for a boy.  Adidas will always hold a special place in my heart,  and at least for a few more years, on my feet too.

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Sunday Casual

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This outfit was thrown together at the last minute, in preparation for my daughters’ singing showcase. I was so busy getting all the kiddies ready that I barely had a moment for myself.  The weather contributed to the conundrum of what to wear.  It was 60 degrees at the end of February!!! I had an idea in my mind, but that went right out the window.  So I found this old Free People sweater hiding in the closet.  I always liked the asymmetry on it, and the material was light enough so that I would feel comfortable, but not need a coat.  Paired with skinny crops the look is freshened up.  Crop jeans are so in this spring.  If you don’t have a pair, you need one.  The open toe booties complete the outfit.  I always love a bit of ankle baring, don’t you?  I think this outfit came together nicely, albeit thrown together at the last minute.  What do you think?

Oh and that’s my little Lola prancing around (in Dollcake). Mommy was not allowed to take a picture by herself!

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5 Spring Things

Clara Off-the-Shoulder Top

Image 1 of ALDO Harmony Peach Laser Cut Ghillie Lace Up Flat Shoes

Classic Denim Jacket

Image 3 of adidas Originals White & Indigo Stan Smith Sneakers

Chloé - Marcie Medium Round Crossbody Bag

5 Spring Things

In honor of the nice weather and the fact that it’s March already, I thought I’d tell you a few of my favorite things for spring.

  1. Off-the-shoulder – If you just look, you’ll find that almost all of your favorite stores are carrying off the shoulder looks.   And I love them all!  This one, from Nasty Gal, is a favorite.  They have a great selection, as well as does Forever 21. You’re sure to find at least one to fit your budget.
  2. Lace Up Flats – I love the look of this new take on a pointy toe flat. It looks so springy and fresh. These are from Asos.  I’m just worried that they’ll be a little tricky to slip on and off when on the go.  But whatevs!  It’s fashion, right?
  3. Denim Jackets – they never go out of style. Not much to say. This one is from Forever 21.
  4. Low Profile, white sneaker – There used to be a time when I did not own one pair of sneakers since my HS gym days. Now, sneakers are so very stylish and really do a good job of complementing many different looks. This spring, I am going to round out my collection with a basic, white, low-profile sneaker.  This pair is Stan Smith for Adidas.  They’re a classic, and certain to go with all my skinny jean looks, as well as my shorts.
  5. Cross Body Bag – I have been eyeing the cross body bags for some time now. But with the kids I always feel like I need a big bag!  I think I’m definitely ready to grab one this season. This one, from Chloe, is a small obsession of mine. I love how it comes in many pastel colors. So many pretty colors to pick from.  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to splurge on the Chloe this spring.  So I may just settle on a similar one, like this one from Zara :

There you have it – my spring things! I hope this gets you as excited as me about all the spring fashion we have to look forward to!  Tell me your faves.  I can’t wait to hear!



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Classic Button Down under Sweater











This look is a modern spin on a classic. I love blouses, they’re so versatile.  And I love to layer them under sweaters in the winter.  The look never gets old.  And it gets a fresh update, this winter, with a striped denim button down, paired with my ripped skinnies.  To me, this look is very casual and chic.  I also love a two-piece ankle strap pump.  That’s one of my favorite shoe silhouettes.  These are a very old pair of BCBG given to me by my husband.  They’re so comfy and worn in that I cannot ever bear to part with them.  And the classic camel color goes with anything.  Later in the day I changed into suede booties to run the kids around town.  But I still think this outfit is extremely versatile and stylish, and can fit for many occasions.  What do you think?

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Faux Fur

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I’m in love with this seasons’ fur coats, in all shapes, sizes and colors! (Asos has the best!) It’s a little overwhelming in my small town to walk up with this bright fur coat on. I can think of almost nowhere where it’s appropriate.  Can you imagine what they’d say at Sunday Mass?  But I don’t care.  I love it and that’s all that matters.  With a coat like this, keep the rest of the look minimal and understated.  Skinny jeans with a plain white tee, and I feel like a million bucks!


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