Fashion Fix Friday – Fall Jackets


product photo

As the summer transitions into fall, and the cooler weather heads in, there’s always the inevitable question – what jackets do I have?  What should I scrounge up from my closet, long forgotten?  And it’s almost always too late by the time we do have to cover our shoulders.  That’s why, when someone asked about jackets I’m going to be wearing, I thought it was the perfect time to discuss that with all of you.  Jackets are a tricky category.  For some reason, and I really can’t pinpoint why, they are one of the hardest items to find/wear.  See my post from earlier in the season here, discussing why it’s such a difficult item.

But today I’m going to round up a few of the highlighted jackets for the coming season and make it simple for you. (BTW all pics are clickable and will lead you right to the website to purchase)

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