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One Large Plain is a blog created by me, Jena Propato. I’m a desperate housewife, with a big passion for fashion.  I live in a small town where I (or should I say, my clothes) don’t particularly fit in.  I’m always dreaming up the latest fashion and current trends, for myself as well as my four kids.  And after taking a backseat to my children for almost ten years, I thought it was time I finally create a blog about my adventures in everyday, affordable, high fashion.

You see, being a stay at home mom can be fulfilling, in and of itself, but it is mostly quite boring. All day long I’m stuck with my thoughts, which travel the internet searching for any and all beautiful things!  Although constantly “busy” with my kids, I do find that I have a little too much surfing time on my hands, which can and has gotten me into quite a bit of trouble.  I tend to click on that “purchase” button one too many times.  So, I thought it was time I did something healthy with my passion for clothes, shoes and anything and everything beautiful.  That’s why I’m sharing my ideas, outfits, inspiration with you – the everyday mom, like me, who may be bored with her looks too and need a little pick me up.

These clothes will get you through the school drop-off, the soccer game, and the parent conference. They will also get you to dinner with friends, or a day of shopping (ha, a day of shopping – now, I’m truly dreaming).  In addition, these clothes will get you nowhere!  Some of these outfits are just plain fantasies of mine.  Articles of clothes that I buy on a whim and absolutely must have, with nothing and nowhere in mind.  Clothes that can’t possibly fit in with any aspect of my lifestyle, but I just need to have (see the big, pink ombre, faux fur coat!).  Isn’t that what daydreaming is all about?  In any case, maybe you’ll have a reason, and so I’ll definitely include those moments.

Oh yeah, and that name – One Large Plain. You see, over here, we have a sense of humor.  My husband has a pizza shop.  Enough said.  However, I’ll keep going.  As you follow my adventures, you’ll see that I love irony and contrast and juxtaposition (and pizza too!).  And the name just fits my life! I’m not considered large and I definitely wouldn’t say I’m plain.  But I love the name and hope you like it too!  So, follow me on my journey to find affordable, everyday looks with big personality.

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