A Baggy Outfit

lace up top with cropped boyrfriend jeans

I was going out for a few drinks the other night and had a perfectly slim-fitting outfit prepped and at the ready.  I even knew which scarf and outerwear suited the ensemble.  But as the day wore on, and I got lazier and lazier (and I got something else too, if you know what I mean 😉 ), I started second-guessing that “skinny outfit”.  And as it drew time to actually get up off my derriere and get dressed, I did, in fact, put that said outfit on….and then proceeded to take it right off again.  I told you I wasn’t feeling all that great (which means, I was at least 5 pounds heavier with bloat), and so that “skinny outfit” was just not gonna do.  If I was going anywhere, it had to be in something that was going to hide my self-contrived body issues, and make me feel super comfortable.

And here we have this outfit.  Admittedly, not my normal go-to.  But it had to do.  Every now and then a girl gets  a free pass, right?  And this outfit is just that.  Not flattering at all, and maybe not so chic, but I kept it trendy with the lace up detail and the raw hem boyfriends.  Forgive me friends.  I should be back to my regularly scheduled program by Wednesday.

lace-up-top-0473 lace-up-top-0471 lace-up-top-0470 lace-up-top-0469 lace-up-top-0468 lace-up-top-0463 lace-up-top-0464 lace-up-top-0465 lace-up-top-0466 lace-up-top-0467



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