The 5 Not-So-Cute but Totally Necessary Pairs of Shoes Every Mother Needs

(image taken from classy girls wear pearls)
(image taken from classy girls wear pearls)

We visited a farm last weekend with some friends and also went on a hayride.   The entire ordeal meant traipsing through the mud and dirt and subsequently ruining any cute shoes that we may have worn.  Which prompted more than one friend to ask….just what EXACTLY should a girl wear for such an occasion?  In fact, taking the question one step further, what other sticky situations might a woman find herself in and what appropriate footwear should she own for the occasions?

And so, my friend, I have gathered a list of the 5 Not-So-Cute, but TOTALLY Necessary Pairs of Shoes that Every Mother Needs.  Now please don’t take offense to this list, I can totally wear any of the following shoes and jazz them up, therefore, making them cute-er.  But alone, the items are hopeless and can be quite depressing.  But stay with me here, I may just link some cute outfit options afterwards.

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#1.  Rubber Boots – Before kids, the two words – rubber boots, were never even in my vocabulary.  It actually hurts my head a little to say those words out loud.  But as soon as your first little one can hold their head up, you use that as an excuse to run to all the fall festivities at every farm  you can find!  And that usually means dirt and mud.  For the first couple of times you try to look cute in your appropriately themed fall outfit, complete with cute booties and oversized scarf.  But then you quickly realize that this B-S business of traipsing through hay and climbing on and off a hayride has done some damage to your adorable little booties (not to mention you’re sweating with that oversized scarf!).  And so, you start to look around you and realize that you may have missed the boat on farm-appropriate footwear.  Hands down the only appropriate footwear for the farm is pretty much a rubber boot.  High, low – doesn’t matter, you just need a pair.  Pretty self-explanatory, but wearing them to the muddy farm, and to the marshy, after-rain, ball fields, means you’ll never worry about your footwear again.


#2.  Snow Boots – Now this seems like a no-brainer to many of you.  But to someone who can’t figure out how to ski and absolutely hates the snow, I never saw much of a need to own a pair.  But then, you start having those darn kids, who – go figure – actually want to run and jump and play outside at the very first sight of a single snowflake!  And, thanks to the grandmothers, the kids have absolutely everything they need for the snow.  But you, well that’s another story.  So, you try to go out in your sneakers….hmmmm, not working so well for ya right?  But you trundle on, because what else can a mother do, all the while swearing under your breath that at the first plow out of your car you will run straight to Kmart and buy the cheapest pair of snow boots you can find (which, at that point, are non- existent, because, once again, you missed the boat on this one).


#3.  Sneakers – This category, once again, seems like a no-brainer.  But I know I can’t be alone here in saying that there was a long stretch of time, after HS, but before kids, where I had absolutely no need for sneakers.  But start having kids, and as mentioned before, they eventually want to play outside!  Sure, you once again try to make due with the items already in your wardrobe.  Maybe you’ll put on the lowest pair of boots you own, or maybe a ballet flat, and proceed to “play” at the park with them.  Well, it’s all fun and games until mommy falls and trips up the ladder, banging her face on the bars, because her ballet flats don’t have grip.  OR, mommy falls into the car while trying to jump on a pogo stick in low booties (oh, that hasn’t happened to you?  ok, maybe that one’s just me).  Anyway, you get the point.  The only appropriate footwear for being outside with kids is sneakers.


4.  Flip Flops – Talking on the other end of the spectrum now, we have summer.  And occasionally I’ll take my kids to the pool or the beach.  And when I mean occasionally, I use that in the loosest of terms.  But I digress.  So, when I’m occasionally at those places, there are just no other more fitting footwear than flip flops.  I dare you to try another pair.  Go ahead…try trudging through to your spot at the beach with those cute slides.  Oh, they keep falling off? I know, I know.  That’s cause they’re NOT appropriate!  Keep slipping and sliding at the indoor waterpark (which is not glamorous by the way, even if your footwear is)?  Two words – flip flops.


5.  Uggs  – And this last category is highly debatable I know, and purely self-indulgent.  But I include it, because I really believe that over half of you reading this right now probably owns a pair and knows what I’m talking about here.   And this is my attempt to justify the bulky, ugly things.  Once again, before children, I scoffed at Uggs.  Saw them as purposeless and unattractive.   Couldn’t figure out the need for such an unflattering item.  I think my husband might even have been allergic to them.  But then I had kids, and had to drag them out in the cold and the extreme temperatures of the NE.  In addition to running here and there, I had to also stand at bus stops and wait outside preschools in all kinds of ugly weather.  And sure, I could pull out my rubber boots.  But I also could grab a pair of warm, fuzzy and oh-so-satisfying Uggs!   For those of you who own a pair, you know what I’m talking about.  Nothing else compares to the feeling of the fur wrapped around your feet, like a warm hug from mom.  And we, as moms, certainly deserve that!

And so, as “ugly” as you once thought they were, before you know it you’re on your second pair.  And this time it’s the higher version that you roll down to give it your own swag.  And you start pairing them with leggings and cute flannels, or skinny jeans and turtlenecks.  All in an attempt to persuade yourself and others that this footwear is actual footwear.  And now you’re the one convincing, mainly your husband, that they really are cute, I promise.


And so, if you’ve stuck with me so far, you all deserve a reward.  That was an extensive list of not-so-cute shoes, and I’m sure I lost a few along the way.  I know they’re not the most glamorous of items, but they are extremely necessary when busy with kids.  And I know that if you invest in all of them, you’ll wear them year after year (unless you get pregnant three more times and your foot grows a half inch with every pregnancy, in which case you’re sh– out of luck).   But of course, any item can be dolled up and that’s what I’ve attempted to do for you.  Let me know, in the comments, what footwear you might include on the list.  Have I missed any?

And have a splendid weekend in your Hunter boots everyone (it looks like rain!).

hunter boots denim mini sweater sorel boots, skinny jeans and turtleneck converse high tops, boyfriend jeans and knotted tee bikini with crochet cover up uggs with ripped skinny jeans and hoodie




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  1. Ha! I remember when you scoffed at Uggs! LOL. It’s true, there’s nothing else like the feel of them when your feet are freezing.

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