DIY Embellished Denim Jacket

embellished denim jacket

It’s no secret around here how much I love denim jackets.  What’s more, it’s also not a secret that I’m into the DIY thing.  I told you in an earlier post about all the different ways we will be seeing denim this winter.  In addition to the fun, kitschy patches you’ll see, you’ll also see lots of rhinestone pins.  Which I, of course, think is so fabulous with all their bling and sparkles.  So, I took my oversized denim jacket (mentioned back in that same post), and a bunch of pins that I snagged from Etsy, Ebay and Target and I went to work.

rhinestone pins rhinestone pins rhinestone pins rhinestone pins rhinestonepins-9 rhinestonepins-91 rhinestonepins-92 rhinestonepins-93 embellished denim jacket

And as if that wasn’t enough, I then proceeded to do the same to both of my girls’ denim jackets…

rhinestonepins-2 rhinestonepins-3 rhinestonepins-4

And voila…

girls embellished denim jacket

I just love the effect!!!  I think they’re all completely adorable and wearable and fun!!!  And you know I love the unexpectedness of it!

embellished denim jacket embellished denim jacket embellished denim jacket embellished denim jacket embellished denim jacket embellished denim jacket embellished denim jacket

It’s not rocket science, I’m not reinventing anything here.  I just love a super easy, DIY project that makes a huge statement.  I hope I’ve inspired you to create your own.  And as a start, if you sign up for my blog posts below, I will send you a free rhinestone pin!  But it’s only while supplies last, so hurry and sign up (and be sure to tell your friends!).

My jacket – Forever 21 oversized denim jacket

Mia’s denim jacket – Children’s Place

Lola’s denim jacket – Old Navy

Don’t forget to sign up below.

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  1. You are to cute! Are these all actual pins? Wasn’t sure if some needed to be glued on or something, or if all were just pins! I love the J…do you remember where you got the letters?

    1. Thanks Jenn. YES they are all actual pins! I think I got the letters on ebay. Or was it etsy?…just type in rhinestone letter pins..something should come up. If you sign up to my other post, or at the link at bottom of the post I’ll send you a free rhinestone pin to start your collection. And if you do end up embellishing your own denim jacket, please send me pics!!!!
      Thanks for coming back!

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