I am introducing a new category to my posts.  Fashion Fix Friday!  I’m asking my readers to submit, via email, a fashion question that they might need help with.  Possibly need an outfit for going out with the girls?  Don’t know what goes with that special top?  Hottest handbags, in any price range?  What shoes go with this dress?   What should be your biggest fashion splurge?  Etc, etc.  I will pick a question and try to answer it for the next Friday with pics and examples.  So – please, ask away!  I’m waiting!!!!

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Holes In My Shirt – Why????

Do you get holes in your shirt too? And I’m not talking about those cool holey tees that the Kardashians wear, that are actually MEANT to be there.  I’m talking about those strange, inexplicable, mysterious holes that pop up in the navel area of almost EVERY tee that I own!!!!

holes in tee around navel

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