Spotlight On: Target

 DAY 5

This is my last day of Target outfits.  And if you’re like me, you find Target to be just so darn convenient!  I mean, where can you buy deodorant, milk AND a bathing suit (that’s stylish!) all in the same place?!  At the same time, buy your four children icees and popcorn, while lugging that handy, albeit cumbersome, three-seater cart throughout all of the aisles, bumping into all the old people!  Oh, did I mention I can also buy lightbulbs?!

So what kind of affordable, fashion blog would this be if I didn’t include a segment on one of my all-time favorite stores?  I hope you will have seen, by now, that many of these pieces are interchangeable, right down to the shoes.  And perhaps you weren’t especially thrilled with my exact item picks (see the Star Wars tee, lol), you can get the idea.  There’s an entire wall of graphic tees.  Just pick any one!  The prices are unbeatable, and the trends are spot on.  And every season they make sure to outdo themselves with one of their many fashion collabs, like Who What Wear.   I will continue to supplement my wardrobe, especially the trendier items, with Target, because, let’s face it, the novelty will never wear off for me.


target5-1 target5-2 target5-4 target5-5 target5-7 target5-8 target5-9 target5-10 target5-11

and couldn’t resist adding a pic of the two cutest dresses I found for Lola – $9.99


Fashion Union Denim Culottes – $32.99

White Button-Up – $22.99

Black Clutch – $18.99

2-Piece Ankle Strap Sandal – $23.99

Sunglasses – $9.99

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